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Couple therapy

  • Dialogue that has become difficult, broken or even non-existent,

  • Loss of trust,

  • Infidelity,

  • Excessive jealousy,

  • Lack of attention,

  • Repeated absences,

  • Unsatisfactory sexual relations,

  • In-laws too present or significant family weight,

  • Respective misunderstandings of the other's expectations,

  • Privileged/excessive relationships with one or more children to the detriment of the spouse,

  • Mental, behavioral or physical problems or disorders of one of the spouses,

  • Separation or planned divorce,

  • Etc...

Reasons for consultation

For whom are they? What are the benefits?

Couple therapy, is available and recommended for couples, married or not, who see their relationship deteriorate, and who do not know how to restore communication that has become difficult or even non-existent.

Engaging in a couple therapy, just like individual therapy, is an approach whose desire is above all to restore lost well-being and restoring harmony in the couple.

It should not necessarily come as a last resort when the union is on the verge of a final break, but rather when things get complicated and discomfort begins to set in. 

Le thérapeute est là pour favoriser les échanges et offrir au couple une réflexion_cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_on the difficulties encountered and their possible causes. It takes into account each person's history,  his environment, his aspirations and his dissatisfaction. He is neither judge nor arbiter. The purpose of the therapy  is not to determine who is right or wrong but rather to restore a broken communication.

The therapies allow the couple to achieve a profound change in the relationship between the two members. The therapist will also take into account the transgenerational aspects still present (tendency to project unresolved conflicts with his own family history into his current couple).

The 3 keys to successful couple relationships:

  • Learn to express yourself in the right way, (Form is just as important as substance!)

  • Learn to listen to your partner with respect and without judgment, (everyone is different, what applies to one, does not necessarily apply to the other).

  • Learn to recognize one's share of responsibility, (blaming each other for things, without understanding why you got to this point, is more destructive than constructive).

How are the sessions going?

There are no specific procedures for the smooth running of atherapy. These are defined, together with the therapist, according to the needs and expectations of the couple.
However,  it is preferable to establish a certain regularity which consists in meeting approximately every ten days or two weeks. The sessions last on average 1h30.

In my practice, I receive the couple together for the first time, then during a future meeting, I will receive each of the partners respectively individually. Finally, we see each other again,   all three in order to implement a joint collaboration so that the couple can evolve together in a constructive way.

The well-being and survival of your couple depends a lot on the personal investment that you and your spouse are ready to make. Don't hesitate to give yourself another chance, even if you've lost hope, it's never too late!

For more information or to make an appointment, do not hesitate to contact me by filling in the "Contact form" Where  Make an appointment directly.

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